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tv   9 News Now at 430am  CBS  July 30, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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i'm angie goff in for andrea roane. person been is here with the weather. patranya bhoolsuwan has the traffic this friday. an you have a little treat for us. not only is it the weekend but cooler air. >> oh, yeah, really nice today. tonight will be delightful. tomorrow will be good. then there's sunday. >> oh, yeah. i saw that, too. >> we will talk about that more at 4:45. let's get you going out the door this friday morning. the storms came in midday like we thought and there they were yesterday afternoon. some little minor wind damage here and there. this was the picture at 4:30. mine line had some stragglers and these had a punch through the early evening hours and this morning we cleared out nicely. temperatures are down in the 60s and 50sin the mountains while we sit at 74 and a stickier 77 down in southern maryland. the 75 degrees with sunshine at 9:00, lower humidity levels
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today. 82 for lunchtime and a high of 7. a gorgeous july day ahead. patranya bhoolsuwan? >> goodgood morning, howard and everybody. liking the nice weather out there. first we have to get through the morning commute. we had an accident at montgomery county route 29, closed in both directions. the icon disappeared but it might be out there so watch out in that direction of montgomery county. head to the outer loop of the capital beltway from 95 to 270, everybody is at speed and no problems to report out here. chevy chase, we have traffic lights out. we don't have that icon either but it is supposed to be in this area, connecticut at east- west highway in chevy chase. most of the traffic light problems in montgomery county have been fixed but now we have this intersection now. 395, from 495 to the 14th street bridge, everyone is moving well without any incidents and everyone looks in
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good shape. good road conditions as well. the lights are coming back on this morning after another round of strong storms knocked out the power to thousands of homes yesterday afternoon. this severe weather also created a big headache for commuters in silver spring. marc and metro ' red line service was shut down four hours after a power line fell on the tracks near 16th and spring streets. a met tremendous train ran over the wires trapping customers until power could be cut. >> everything was live electrical. an the biggest issue we faced is trying to make sure all the power was killed before we could send people down there. >> reporter: once pepco confirmed the power was off, metro brought in a rescue train to take passengers back to the forest glen station. the first train made it through
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at 7 p.m. and metro was running by 8:30. if pepco didn't have enough problem, montgomery county executive wrote a scathing letter to the company demanding answers to what he calls the slow response to massive power outages. >> reporter: it is a two-pager, reflecting a outrage addressed to pepco's chief executive officer and written by ike leggett. >> it took them two to four days to mobilize. i thought they should have done it earlier. >> this was not a widespread storm up and down the east coast. we could obtain access to corporations around the region to come to montgomery county because they were not in their own communities fighting to get their power on. so they didn't have the problem. it was only a problem in montgomery county. assets were available. >> we have a work force within
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the company already an we immediately did our outreach. >> reporter: pepco's regional president, thomas graham sees it differently. >> reporter: he says the 300,000 is down to 3,000. >> when you have 3,000 customers remaining from a group of 301,000 and you have restored service to 576,000 we are on target. >> unfortunately those customers are with 14,000 more who lost service today. >> total right now is 17,000. >> reporter: graham says this time around they are hoping to improve on where they went wrong on ground we missed the mark on our technology an we were not able to provide the type of accurate information we would have preferred our customers. >> brittany morehouse, 9 news now. >> he is calling on the public service commission to look in to pepco's response and he sent a letter of his response to the
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president. a grand jury indicted one of two men in the murder of brown. they charged milton with murder, conspiracy and weapons violations yesterday. prosecutors say he provided the gun used to shoot and kill trooper brown. >> you can be held accountable even if you don't pull a trigger. if you are part of the team that commits the crime you can be held for the final result. >> reporter: williams got in to a dispute over his bill at an applebees in forest veil. trooper brown was moon lighting there as a security guard. prosecutors say justice has finally caught up with a sexual
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predator who molested boys for decades all while he worked as a teacher. he is 50-year-old kevin ricks, a former teacher in manassas. he plead guilty yesterday to sexually abusing a former student, a 16-year-old boy. he will be sentenced in october. but he also face earl charges. prosecutors say his m.o. was to get the boys drunk sometimes to the point he passed out and then sexually abuse them and record it. >> he is very cunning and smart. he endeared himself to people. many of course were molested without knowing what happened to them. >> reporter: the school superintendent in manassas tells us ricks passed a thorough background check and there were no red flags in his file. a senate panel scolded the managers of arlington national cemetery yesterday for hundreds and thousands of mismarked and mismanaged graves. the cemetery superintendent for 19 years said he takes full
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responsibility for the errors, but he also disputed some of the army inspector general findings. angry senators dismissed his claims. >> we have cremated remains and we don't know who they belong to turning up in the fill. did you ever write that up? did that ever go up the chain of command? did the chief of staff of the army ever see a document from you that we have a problem? we have cremated remains and we don't know where they belong. did that ever occur. >> we annotated the remains. >> the inspect for general report only focused on three sections. she says there are probably similar problems in the other 67 sections affecting more than 6,000 graves energy the news now, former agriculture department employee shirley sherrod says she will sue conservative blogger andrew
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brightbart. he edited a video of her and posted it on-line which made it appear she made racist comments and it led to her boss asking for her resignation. the agriculture secretary and president obama called to apologize to sherrod. arizona wasted no time in filing a federal appeal against the immigration law. a state filed the appeal late yesterday afternoon. jan brewer asked the court to lift the injunk so that all of the laws can take effect. the judge delayed the most contentious provisions on wednesday. the last two chinese workers trapped in a flooded mine are now safely above ground. rescuers freed the two men this morning. they had been trapped in the coal mine since monday. ten workers were in the mine when it flooded and all ten escaped or were rescued. up next on 9 news now, while the experts say the
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economic recovery was slowing there may be no better time to find a home. find out the reason why in the "living $mart" report. wcwcwcwc
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welcome back to 9 news now, everybody. it is 4:41. the friday evening commute -- excuse me, morning commute is off to a great start. no problems bowie to 495. i will be back with more traffic, but first the news with angie. it is still dark out there, right? >> it is time for the first "living $mart" report of the morning. jessica doyle is here with the headlines. happen my friday. wall street is watching for the latest check on the economy this morning. the government releases the second quarter gdp report which is the broad measure of economic activity and analysts expect a growth of rate of 2.5%, down slightly from the first quarter of the year.
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checking wall street -- an early ramly after comments from the federal reserve. he warned the economy is at risk of deflation. that's when prices and wages drop for a prolonged period of time. it can create declining profits and higher unemployment. the bank official said the fed should have a program in place to reverse that trend just in case it happens. mortgage rates have dropped again to the lowest level on record. the average rate on a 30 year fixed rate loan is 4.54% this week. they say it is the lowest rate since it began to track mortgages in the ' 70s. potentially a good opportunity for a lot of folks to refinance right now. for more tips on "living $mart" and saving money, log on to our website at click on the news tab and then
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select living smart. we are just getting started on 9 news now. planning to take the metro this weekend? why you may need a little change for your ride. thionates are in town this weekend and i plan to take the metro on saturday. we will talk about the forecast because we have issues before we get to monday. 9 news now will return in a moment. wcwcwcwc
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after the storms rolled through our area yesterday they took aim at norfolk, virginia. the severe weather caused two fires, widespread flooding and power outages. luckily no injuries were reported from the storm. residents reported as much as five inches of rain out there. >> record for norfolk. >> a lot of lightning. we had a ton of lightning here. tremendous storms. >> and bunch of firefighters are busy up that way. we do not want to see that but we need some rain. >> things are starting to green up a little bit and we will get
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more chances of rain over the weekend. >> sunday? >> yeah. if you have outdoor plans do it on saturday. saturday is a winner, sunday, not so much. let's talk about the day. today is a winner, as well. a really fine day. humidity levels are down. mid-70s for 9:00. low 80s for lunchtime and we will top off in the mid to upper 80s today. really one of the better days we have had in quite sometime. so this morning, partly to mostly sunny. mid-60s are the cool spots. we will climb to the lower 80s as we head to 11:00. north winds at ten. mid to upper 80s and a north wind at ten miles an hour. yesterday's high is 94 here in washington. clear to partly cloudy, pleasant tonight. some spots will dip to the 50s. most of us low to mid-60s. should be a nice night. may be able to save a dollar on air conditioning for a change. 58-degree dew point temperature in washington. drier air is coming in, really
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dry for the mountains. and still a little bit of moisture left in southern maryland where dew points are in the low 70s and pax naval air station. if you are up and about now and go outside you will feel the drier air moving in. with the humidity down south we are in the upper 70s but with we are holding on to 74. 60 in frederick, hagerstown, winchester. out west, cumberland and petersburg in the low 60s. oakland is 54 and culpeper and orange in the low 70s and our friends on the bay in annapolis 75 degrees. reagan national feeling like 74 with a wind north at ten and the humidity is 57% relative to that 74 degrees. nationally we're in good shape for today and tomorrow but already watching some moisture up across the northern plains. thunderstorms here this morning. some could be severe later on. we will watch the storm system track in from the west. that will bring us some
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problems. off shore over the weekend, by the way, there's the old front. well south of us now. off shore over the weekend, a piece of low pressure will be spinning on that front. put everything in motion on the nine future cast. no problems today, tonight, this is 10:00 p.m. tonight. turn our attention to the west as we go through saturday. saturday will be a fine day, maybe a passing cloud or two. look at the moisture on saturday everyoning in the tennessee valley, up across the great lakes. as we head to sunday morning, this guy is spinning off shore. this energy is coming toward us. this is 4:00 a.m. on sunday. could be wet. got family day over at the legg mason tennis classic. i will be there. last year it poured on us. we do not want a repeat. looking at the weekend forecast, we have those issues on sunday especially and if you are going to be a the beach. if you are going to be on the bay, still better day on saturday than sunday. 87 today and tomorrow. really nice, humidity levels are down. sunday, showers and storms i
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maybe only 84, 85. 87 on monday. isolated storms on tuesday and wednesday. back in the mid-90s on wednesday and highs 93. it is 4:48. patranya bhoolsuwan, it is so early on a friday. >> that's true. but you have to talk about it. a lot of people are getting to work this morning. so we want to tell you what is happening out there. in montgomery county, this accident at route 29 a enblackburn road. this accident is now in the clearing stages. right now it could be blocking lanes so be aware of that as you head out in montgomery county. as we head out to i-270, the corridor north and south of 121 to 495 right now smooth sailing. no major issues reported here. as we move to our friends in virginia and check out traffic on i-66, manassas from route 50 to 495, smooth sailing there, as well. go back tour maps and check out how things looking on the beltway in virginia. right now springfield to tysons corner to 270, not tracking
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delays or accidents out there. that is definitely good news. and finally we will go to the district right now. inbound new york avenue, traffic is moving well no incidents reported or major complaints from drivers. back to you. we have a commuter alert for metro riders this weekend. get ready to pay more for your ride starting on sunday. sticking with a paper fare card instead of a smartrip card will cost an additional 25 sat trip and metro plans to charge 20 cents during the peak of the peak period. those are weekdays between 7:30 and 9:00 a.m. and afternoons between 4:30 and 6:00 p.m. but that surcharge won't go in to affect until monday's afternoon rush hour. according to the washington examiner, fairfax county officials plan to shut down the tysons connector shuttle program. the free lunchtime shuttle bus started in november. it was supposed to help with traffic in the tysons corner area during the dulles metro
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rail construction but officials say the million dollar program averages less than one rider per trip. in the morning's living well report, a warning for women and men who take calcium. as manuel gallegus reports, if you are someone who takes this bone building mineral in the form of a sup lam, a study warns it could be bad for your heart. >> millions of americans like 68-year-old anne miller take calcium supplements for healthy bones. >> i'm trying to manage it so the bone density results are stable. >> reporter: findings show that calcium supplements that many take for post owe porosis or bone loss can increase to 30% increased risk of heart attack. >> these are two common illnesses that a lot of people have so this correlation of heart disease and treatment for osteoporosis affects a lot of individuals are the latest
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findings are based on the results of 11 trials involving 12,000 mostly elderly women, many taking extra calcium to prevent bone loss. the research looked only at people taking calcium supplements. previous studies shown that people getting calcium through food don't have the same risks. doctors say it is time to take a look at how beneficial extra calcium can be. >> the days of recommending calcium supplements to every patient with osteoporosis are probably over. because there's actually a fairly modest ben any of calcium benefit on fracture rates. >> reporter: anne miller plans to consult with her doctor. >> i will definitely look in to it. >> reporter: for many women like her more calcium may do more harm than good. >> also this morning, new dangers from certain diabetes medicine in older women. new research indicates post
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menopausal women taking avandia maybe at increased risk of fractures. they found women over 50 with fractures were more likely to have filled prescriptions for the drug. higher doses increased the fracture risk. for more log on to our website at click on the news tab and then select living well. when we return, controversy on day one of redskins training camp. as albert haynesworth is banned from practicing with his team. the reason why is next. my dentist says brushing alone
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isn't enough to avoid dental problems. [ male announcer ] act total care mouthwash rebuilds enamel and kills bad breath germs. [ woman ] to help avoid dental problems, act daily.
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more problems for albert haynesworth. the failed his conditioning test yesterday. he was forced to run drills after missing the team off season workout programs. the head coach said he will hold him out of president clinton 'tis until he passes. >> he understands that there's -- he's got to be at a certain level to go out on the field and practice with the rest of our football team and if he gets there he will be with us and in he doesn't get there he won't. >> i just want to win. we are working all season. we want for him to be here. >> reporter: haynesworth will have another shot this morning. the team hits the field for two practices today. brett haber will have the latest at 5:00 p.m. bad news for nats fans. the team placed strasburg on the 15 day disabled list yesterday. the move is after the nationals rookie was scratched ten minutes before tuesday's game
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with shoulder tightness. another judge is calling it quits on the fox hit "american idol." ellen degeneres said she is leaving the show after serving last year as a judge. she replaced paula abdul. the is the second judge to quit the show in recent months. in may simon exited the show after nine seasons fox has not announced any replacements but jennifer low suppose is in talks to be a judge. the big day is almost here for chelsea clinton who is getting married tomorrow in upstate new york. details have been kept secret. the tab could hit 2 or $3 million. we have heard of heros welcomes but yesterday there was a special one in atlanta. jeff was on hand for the reunion of a soldier and the heros who saved his life. >> when georgia national guardsmen chris duke was serving in afghanistan he made friends with the locals, stray
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dogs, sasha, target and few fuss. >> a lot of us use the three of them as kind of an escape when ever you are home sick. >> reporter: but they did more than keep him company. >> my firm belief i would probably not be there today if it weren't for him. >> a suicide bomber tried to get in to duke's barracks but the dogs began to bite and bark at the intruder and he blew himself up before he could kill 50 soldiers inside. sasha was severely injured and had to be put down and the other two were nursed back to health. the dogs had to stay behind after duke went home. >> i was afraid the next unit may come in and not want them there. >> reporter: duke wrote a letter to a veterans assistance group called hope for the warriors. >> i owe my life to those dog and my wish is to bring them home and give them the best
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life i can. >> have you ever had a request like this before. >> no. whatever we needed to do to get this wish done. >> reporter: other organizations heard about the wish too and facebook page went up and in less than three months raised $21,000, enough for the dogs to leave afghanistan. this week, rufus and target finally arrived in the u.s. >> hi puppies. >> reporter: today, in atlanta, they were reunited for the first time with duke and his wife. >> hi, buddy. >> i was in disbelief up to the moment where i say him. >> target will live in arizona with another soldier and rufus will stay with the dukes. >> i think i will have him the rest of his life and it is exciting. >> reporter: it is exciting because he knows he wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the dogs and now they wouldn't be here if it wasn't for duke. cbs news, atlanta. >> wonderful story. good morning, you are watching 9 news now at 5:00 a.m. i'm angie goff in for andrea roane. patranya bhoolsuwan will have the


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